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Brimrose PAT Spectrometers

PAT or process analytical technology is a major attribute of many Brimrose Luminar spectrometers, including the Brimrose Luminar 4030, the Luminar 5030 and the Luminar 7030. PAT is defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a way to design, analyze and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes by measuring process parameters that affect Critical Quality Attributes.
Luminar 7030 Miniature Stainless Steel AOTF-NIR Analyzer
The Luminar 7030-IP55 Free Space NIR Analyzer is built to be placed directly into the production line. Its rugged design and solid-state technology allows an installation right into the production environment, and its miniature size allows implementation where space is tight, such as small vacuum dryers, pipes, fluid beds, etc.

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