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ERALY & Associés

Specialized since 1972 in the elemental analysis, we study, manufacture, sell and ensure the after-sales service of a range of analyzers intended for the laboratories of chemical industry. We also propose, to combine with our analyzers, sampling automatism. Moreover, the experience we have been getting through the creation of different types of furnaces led us to propose it “made-to-measure”, thanks to our know-how and a well skilled technology. Our skills in these fields of activities and our quality as manufacturer enables us to propose : adaptations of the listed products to satisfy particular needs creations of particular equipments (according to a schedule of conditions)
Sulphur analyzer by UV Fluorescence, according standards :
AST D5453 / ASTM D6667 / ASTM D 7183 / ISO 20 846
Nitrogen analyzer by Chemiluminescence, according standards :
AST D4629 / ASTM D6069 / ASTM D5176 / ASTM D7184 / ASTM D5762 / NF EN 12260 / NF M 07-058
Tubular Furnace
Although our main occupation is to study and conceive instruments for elemental analysis for laboratories in the chemical industry, it has been necessary for us to make various furnaces in order to fit those analyzers.

The experience we have got through the variety of our needs led us to propose these furnaces apart.
3 analysis method :

Infra Red (Contact us for more information)
Gravimetry (ASTM D 3178 / ASTM D 271)
The SERVOCOULOMETER MIPO 5 allows the analysis of total Chlorine (and the other halogens) by silver Coulometry from very low contents (< 0.5 ppm) to elemental Chlorine (> 80 %).
Moreover, we propose complete equipment for the analysis of AOX in agitation for the adsorption.

We also propose equipment for EOX, POX and TOX.
Other equipments

Determination of the Total Sulphur by the Wickbold method according to :
ASTM D2784 / AFNOR M41-009 / ISO 4260 / IP 243 / DIN 51408

Infra Red : FRACTEL (contact us for more information)
Continuous measurement of Sulphur or Nitrogen in alimentary CO2
Pyrocombustion : Mineralyzer (contact us for more information)
Radioactivity : Tritum (contact us for more information)
ERALY & Associés has developed a new device used for mineralization of solid and gaseous and liquid samples by pyrolysis and controlled combustion.

This device is mainly used for measuring radionuclides such as Tritium 3H, Carbon 14C, Chlorine 36Cl, Iodine 129I…

Designed for use in nuclear research or defence laboratories, it can operate in a monitored area under a hood.

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