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Our Laboratories

In Hemtek Business Center we have 2 laboratories which enable us to offer highest possible quality service to our customers. If you plan to equip your laboratory with LC systems (HPLC, UPLC) or LC/MS/MS systems, do not hesitate to call us and appoint your visit to our labs. Our specialists will try to answer your questions and to show you analytical capabilities of our instruments. We also can analyse your samples and consider best instrument&software solutions to meet your future needs.

Our UPLC/MS/MS laboratory is equiped with latest Waters high-end technology solutions by integrating Waters TQD (MS/MS detector) with world’s best MS inlet LC system - Waters Acquity UPLC. HPLC laboratory is equiped with several HPLC systems with all detector types. All our systems are validated and integrated under Waters Empower Client Server – laboratory network software which is most used by customers all around the world.

These facilities are great resource which enable us to simulate and solve majority of applications, method developments as well as technical problems that our customers experience on their site during regular work.