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In Ogranak Krug, we strongly believe in the motto: “None of us is as smart as all of us”. Therefore we stand to the point that success of our business depends on the quality of the people we attract and retain. Our team has 18 people of which 11 are the holders of BSc degree in Chemistry, Physics, Technology, Pharmacy, Medicine etc. Included in these 18 are 6 who have been with Ogranak Krug for at least 10 years and 3 who have been 6 years! Our emphasis on teamwork and on providing a happy and challenging workplace allows us to maintain a workforce of the highest standard.

Ogranak Krug is also committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

One of the key elements in attracting and retaining our high quality workforce is the company-wide emphasis on training. Ogranak krug has a deep commitment to training in our own training facilities as well as externally - on our principals’ sites. This is not only to ensure that the employees are highly skilled and motivated in their positions, but also to ensure that they shall remain at the forefront of new developments. Trained and skilled personnel are the most important request we have both from principals and our customers.


Ogranak Krug team

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