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During the past 20 years we have established cooperation with all Serbian major companies and institutes. With more than 100 customers we cover all market segments:                                     

Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Food & Beverage, Scientific Research, Toxicology, Public Healthcare, Environmental etc.  
Pharmaceuticals:  We supply our pharmaceutical customers with complete and specialized laboratory solutions, from sample preparation, chromatography, mass spectrometry, software and informatics, to compliance, applications expertise, and support services. Beside routine sales and support activities, we executed the projects that ensured our pharmaceutical customers in Serbia to meet highest demands, including laboratory equipment and software installations and qualifications in compliance with all auditors including FDA.

Food testing: Supplying world best analytical instrumentation, column & sample prep chemistries and data management software, we actively help and support food testing laboratories to face a number of critical and challenging issues including greater numbers of food contaminants, rigorous compliance regulations, decrease operational costs, and most important to ensure public safety.

Clinical: We brought on our market fast, reliable and flexible clinical diagnostic solutions which enable high sample throughput, rapid turnaround of time-sensitive samples and improve specificity, eliminating cross-reactivity problems associated with immunoassays.    
Toxicology & Forensic: In forensic toxicological laboratories, our equipment brings versatility, sensitivity and superior quantitative and qualitative capabilities to enable the analysis of relevant compounds in a wide range of biological matrices. Leading toxicology solutions are supported by significant application and development experience. This unmatched application knowledge combined with specialist field application support will ensure successful implementation of latest instrumentation techniques in your laboratory and maximize your return on investment.

Environmental: Environmental laboratories use our equipment to accelerate throughput, enhance sensitivity, increase accuracy and ensure compliance. Our principals, like Waters Corporation, continually work with both customers and regulatory agencies to stay at the forefront of environmental analysis. Waters Corporation developed comprehensive methods for the analysis of all major classes of environmental contaminants of concern, including: Aldehydes & Ketones, Carbamates, Pesticides, Herbicides, PAHs, Dioxins & Furans etc.